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Filipino Martial Arts

Filipino Martial Arts (F.M.A.) can be classified by three names: Arnis, Eskrima, and Kali. They are literally the same art form separated only by name and dialogue, Arnis is the name of the Filipino warrior art in the North, Eskrima in the Central regions, and Kali in the South. These arts are most likely a fusion of Southern Chinese gung fu and the martial art of Malaysia, Silat, another weapons based system. During the roughly 330 years of Spanish rule, the angles of Spanish rapier fencing were infused into the Filipino arts. Therefore, the main weapons of the Kali/Eskrima/Arnis system today are the rattan sticks which replicate the movements of the original Filipino sword, the Kris, mixed with Spanish fencing, and the doubled or singled edged knife.

Filipino Martial Arts are taught in:

  • J.K.D./Kali - 4 Corner's JKD Sifu Tom Barell
  • Traditional Warrior Training and Advanced Self-Defense - 4 Corner's certified F.M.A.Instructor Doug Matina 

Click HERE for Doug Matina's research on FMA's history and development done for Tom Barell's article in Inside Kung-fu Magazine