has been training in martial arts for nearly 40 years. He is a fully certified Jeet Kune Do Concepts/Jun Fun Gung-fu and Kali instructor under Guru/Sifu Tom Barell and is the private student and provisional Tactical Praying Mantis instructor of 7 Star Praying Mantis master, Sifu Raul Ortiz, focusing on San Da and TMT's pure combat version of the traditional system. Doug is a black belt in Judo under the legendary Bob Miller and under American Top Team of NY as the founder of ATTNY’s Mixed Martial Arts Judo program, teaching a hybrid version of Koshen and Kodokan Judo mixed with Catch-As-Catch-Can Wrestling. He has studied several styles of Chinese Boxing (Shaolin, Hakka, and Taoist) for over 25 years, learning the old fashioned way - in garages, basements, and backyards. He has also recently begun private training with Sifu Rey Rizzi of Inner Circle Martial Arts concentrating on blending various arts together. Doug has appeared in Inside Kung-fu Magazine, Boxoffice Magazine, is a certified Refuse To Be A Victim® National Rifle Association of America instructor, and regularly instructs military personnel, police, and air marshals in knife fighting/knife defense and pistol drawing/disarming. He continues to teach private and group instruction in empty hand combat, traditional martial arts, mixed martial arts sport fighting, submission grappling, women’s defense, and both modern and improvised weapon(s) and weapon(s) defense. Doug has been a Muay Thai and no-gi Judo instructor for Miletich Fighting Systems: New York, a Judo and Catch Wrestling instructor for the Ortiz Chinese Boxing Academy, and a Judo, Catch Wrestling, Thai boxing and San Da coach as well as street combatives instructor for American Top Team of New York and Krav Defense of Bethpage. In 2005, he was asked by the Port Washington Youth Council to implement his reality and traditional martial arts programs at the Landmark Community Center as a means of providing high school students and community members with fitness, self-defense and awareness concepts. In addition to being a lifelong martial artist, Doug is a history teacher and has instructed faculty members in self-defense and violence prevention for professional staff development. As of 2013, Doug began training with professional wrestlers and performing as the "Human Weapon" as part of his high school's charity based wrestling organization, T.W.F. (Teacher Wrestling Federation).


has been studying martial arts for 45 years, teaching for decades, and his overall knowledge of martial arts application, history, and theory is unmatched. Paul is also a bar certified lawyer and brings a wealth of knowledge in regards to self-defense laws.