Traditional Warrior Training

Traditional Warrior Training

The following chart maps out the disciplines used to create Traditional Warrior Training. Not all of these classify as traditional disciplines, shorts sections of movements replace long forms, and entire systems are not necessarily taught (just the skills that realistically work). However, teaching the disciplines separately and developing the foundation skills necessary for functionalizing them combatively is at the heart and purpose of the traditional trained warrior. This class is a precursor to Advanced Self-Defense, where the focus is not on developing the skills in these disciplines... but on combining them.

Advanced Self-Defense

Advanced Self -Defense

Advanced Self-Defense & Combat Solutions is a class designed for the further development and mastery of all facets of combative skill as they relate to a modern scenario. Students will learn to merge techniques and concepts from all systems and styles studied.

Advanced training includes the R.A.I.S.R.® Defensive Methodology, explanation and practice of “inner gate” techniques, body-guarding concepts, surviving multiple assailant attacks, weapon(s) disarming (firearms, edged, and bludgeoning), improvised weapon(s) defense, recognizing and implementing appropriate levels of response, and comprehension of legal rights and consequences.  

Advanced training also includes reality groundfighting combining grappling principles from Koshen Judo, Kodokan Judo, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Jujustu, Russian Martial Art, and Catch-As-Catch-Can Wrestling along with unorthodox ground fighting techniques found in several disciplines of Gung-fu. Students will learn the removal of sport fighting techniques placing the martial artist in a "sporting victory" position but perilous "street fighting" situation.

S.P.E.T. : Self-Proetection Education & Training

Education & Training

Self-Protection Education & Training (S.P.E.T.) workshops are designed specifically for women, with a focus on the ability to recognize and avoid possible threats before they occur. However, when confrontation is unavoidable, S.P.E.T. workshops supply legitimate self-defense skills, training in body language, and voice tonality enabling students the proficiency and competence to defend themselves.

Workshops scheduled by appointment.