Classification of Disciplines:

All of these approaches have merit; all develop attributes, athleticism, and discipline after years of practice. That value however, is determined by each student's personal goals. Our instructors all have unique backgrounds in various disciplines, allowing you to experience the foundations and components of all six classifications. Ultimately, you must decide what kind of martial stylist, scientist, and artist you will become.

Traditional Martial Arts:

cultivating both the mind and skill set from a traditional warrior approach; emphasis on honor, discipline, and perseverance.
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Competitive/SPort Martial Arts:

designed for the ring and/or cage; emphasis on sporting victory and developing the prizefighter or champion
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SPiritual Martial Arts:

for self-illumination, inner peace, and health; emphasis on meditation, often coupled with an understanding of philosophical and/or religious principles.
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 REALITY Self-Defense:

devised for the modern "street" scenario; emphasis on avoidance, awareness, and self-defense including weapon(s) usage and disarms.
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Performance martial arts:

created for the purposes of demonstration and exhibition; emphasis on athleticism and showmanship.
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Fusion Martial arts:

blending techniques and principles from several schools of thought.
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