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Like Reality Based disciplines, many Performance arts and styles also derive from traditional warrior disciplines, however a dramatically different focus, objective, and end result characterizes the Performance Martial Artist: Presentation. Both the emphasis and motivation behind these disciplines is never a functional skill for the sporting arena or the “street,” but rather the excitement and drama brought forth with theatrical and thrilling maneuvers. As is the case with many professional wrestlers, these highly trained athletes do possess the skill and ability to cross over into the more combative realms, and often do so in addition to their performance training. Examples of performance based martial arts include any art or style emphasizing board/brick breaking or forms, Professional Wrestling, Lucha Libre, Exhibition Wushu, XMA (Xtreme Martial Arts), Capoeria etc.

  • At UNITED COMBAT ARTS we do not offer any specific performance discipline training, preferring instead to utilize their roots in combative training. (However, one may find a professional wrestler or two training with us to further the realistic look within their performance discipline).

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Recommended read: The Squared Circle: Life, Death, and Professional Wrestling provides a fantastic history of pro wrestling from its legitimate "shoot" beginnings and connection to Catch-As-Catch-Can Wrestling to its transformation into "worked" endings with larger than life characters.

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UNITED COMBAT ARTS is a proud partner of the T.W.F. (Teacher Wrestling Federation) and their annual charity event: Schreiber Slam

Check out our friends at Fight the World Wrestling and the FTW Pro Wrestling Academy.

The T.W.F.'s Human Weapon (center) with F.T.W. stars Rage, Earl Cooter, and Jack Gallow.