Reality Based Martial Arts: for the street, survival, & protecting others

The United Combat Arts curriculum features aspects of the following reality based martial arts: 

      combative gungfu
    (our own unique blend)
         Cossock Martial Arts
         Krav Maga

Reality Based disciplines are the modern incarnations of traditional warrior training, tending to branch off into two factions: Those that are effective and those that are not.

Reality Based disciplines that fail are properly seeking "victory" through survival, however the traditional forms and weaponry concepts are removed due to the overloaded modern schedule and current feeble attention span. Students are taught specific responses to explicit attacks, while little to no time is given to the conceptual understanding behind violence and its modern legal ramifications. In addition, since most of the training's emphasis is situational, students tend to lack the fundamental skill development behind what actually makes those situational techniques work.

Reality Based disciplines that succeed are likewise properly seeking "victory" through survival, however traditional forms and weaponry are replaced by drills developing foundational skill and era appropriate weaponry/weapon defense. Specific techniques are avoided; instead conceptual responses are trained for efficiency in varying scenarios. Students are also taught a spectrum of responses, ranging from non-contact and avoidance to the justified use of lethal force. Disciplines that can excel (and unfortunately can also fail) in a Reality Based framework include Krav Maga, Haganah, Systema, MCMAP (Marine Core Martial Arts Program), Army Combatives, etc.

At UNITED COMBAT ARTS we offer a variety of self-defense classes, seminars, and workshops, that are designed to provide students with reality training and an understanding of real world violence. We consider preparation for and overcoming violence to be our school's main priority, however we also understand that mastery of combative skill takes years to develop, thus certain classes are designed for the student who only has a few training hours a week and is just looking to survive, while others are more suitable for law enforcement, security, and military professionals, and for those looking for mastery.